Hello, my name is Pablo Martínez Pablo and I'm a video editor and 3D animator. I make VFX and motion graphics, and I also have experience in web creation. I studied a superior degree (FP) in Game Design and 3D Animation at ITES in Barcelona. Nowadays I studding a Videogames design and production degree in Tecnocampus university
I have previously worked at Custom FX as a video editor, 3D animator and VFX. I had another job at Optimo Click, where I worked in video edition.

I made the entire post-production process with Nuke studio and Davinci Resolve
I made the light animation for the product reveal with After Effects
I made the 3D and 2D animation with Maya and After Effects
I made the sound mastering for the Director cut version
I made Rotoscope with Mocha and After Effects
I made Rotoscope with mocha and After Effects
I made part of the 3D animation and composition
I made the 3D product reveal with Maya

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